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Xilisoft Video Converter Ultimate 7

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Easy, fast, reliable and rich in features. Besides being able to convert standard videos from all popular formats, it also supports converting standard video to 3D video, as well as converting mode between 3D video. Now you can convert video, audio, and motion pictures for playback on PSP, PS3, iPod, iPhone, Apple TV, Xbox, Google phones, iPad, iPad2 and other digital media devices. Everything is possible with Xilisoft Video Converter.


Convert 3D video

Convert standard videos to 3D video. Support converting between different kinds of 3D videos. (Note: To watch 3D videos, you will need: 3D glasses and a 3D TV or monitor.)

High resolution video converter

Convert videos at super high speed


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There is support for converting HD and SD video to high definition, in addition, before the converting process, it will be possible to edit the video, for example to cut extra part, split the video into multiple parts or, on the contrary, combine the parts into one, add your own logo, for example an ad for a site or whoever you want, it is also possible to add subtitles, but you can even make a soundtrack to a video .

Of course, Xilisoft Video Converter Ultimate will introduce you all the tools to adjust the output video, you can set your resolution, audio and video codecs, you can adjust the quality and other cool little things, you can also apply effects to your videos, although not many, but nevertheless they are there and this is a plus, it is certainly possible to adjust the brightness and other such parameters. Xilisoft Video Converter Ultimate even know how to create the effect of black and white cinema, has the effects of old film, the oil effect can be added by In general, I think you can find out by yourself with a detailed introduction.

Usually you can talk about Xilisoft Video Converter Ultimate for a long time, I think you just need to download the tool and check everything yourself, I really liked it, I still use it and I don’t don’t even think about it. Regarding the registration of Xilisoft Video Converter Ultimate, I have not attached a .dll file that does not work for everyone, but just added a serial number and before using it, block the Internet access program, then it will work without problem,

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Size: 37 MB

OS: Windows

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Enjoy full communication between Mac and Windows with the most powerful file system technology in the industry

Paragon HFS for Windows is the only solution that on most versions of the Windows operating system offers full read and write access for HFS / HFSKS partitions on all types of disks (GPT, MBR)!

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The only solution with full access to HFS + partitions on any type of disk (GPT, MBR)

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HFS + for Windows offers maximum comfort without worrying about computing on multiple platforms

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New full support for Windows 10, 8

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Full access to HFS + / HFSKS partitions (read and write)

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PC Privacy Shield 2020

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PC Privacy Shield will erase your online digital fingerprint, including your browsing history and tracking logs. PC Privacy Shield will also provide you with an advanced file encryption mechanism to protect your personal and confidential files! PC Privacy Shield is used both to defend your information against phishing AND to cover its traces if necessary. PC Privacy Shield will allow you to encrypt or delete login information and alert you in real time when browsers save it. PC Privacy Shield includes an easy-to-use ad blocker that blocks annoying and sometimes abusive ads!


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Leave no trace of your private online activity on the web and on your desktop or laptop computer.

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