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Gacha Club

Join all Gacha Summoners clubs. Lumine, the head of the popular Gacha Life celebrity, has recently released a new Gacha game called Gacha Club. Originally intended as an update, the role-playing game gives players a whole new experience. In it, you collect and heal your chibi characters against war. There is also the opportunity to explore a wide range of events. In fact, there is still a studio where you can change and create club members;

Welcome to the Club As mentioned, the Gacha Club is intended to update the Gacha Life service. Thus, players see similarities in the game. At Gacha Life, you have eight starting points for the main characters and 12 extra seats. The Gacha Club now has 10 executives and 90 more seats. There are 11 handbags that are not available in Gacha Life. The game also allows the player to get characters from characters and pets instead of gifts. Unlike the original game of life, they can also complete Gacha 40 retail; (function () {(‘preview-application-page-desktop’);}); Gacha Club is full of war, mini games and upgrade services. The game has four battle modes, story mode, training mode, feature tower mode, and shadow corruption mode. Players can play these ways to earn coins and gems, which can be used to earn units, pets, and other items. You can also play mini games with the opportunity to earn coins called Byte. In addition to battles and small games, players can also use the studio to create curtains. You can import and sell your tones up to standard; In addition to the new items, Gacha Club also has a nice photo format. However, players will find that some of the old ones are breathless, the mentioned food enhancements do not exist. The colors and names of the characters cannot be baptized at all. In addition, he also has limited choice; For Gacha fans In general, the Gacha Club is an improvement in the life of Gacha. In this game, players not only play dressed, but they can also compete against other players. There is more room to start with space for characters and better statistical information. Together, there are more veils you can record and download. If you like natural life games, this game will give you the most interesting experience.

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